Is Disney Desperately Repurposing Old Tangled Merch as Frozen?

It's been months now, but Disney is still struggling to keep shelves stocked with toys and costumes from its mega-hit Frozen—all of which sell out within hours, much to the chagrin of frustrated parents everywhere. But has the insane demand for Elsa merch prompted Disney to repackage accessories from its other… »4/28/14 12:19pm4/28/14 12:19pm

Björk's latest music video turns her into a lunar wig goddess

Björk science-tinged new album Biophilia has inspired some delightfully cosmic music videos. Her recent video for the track "Moon" is no different. Watch as Iceland's de facto cultural ambassador prances about serenading (what looks like) a sponge. Also, is that a zither suit? I need to get myself one of those. … »9/25/11 11:00am9/25/11 11:00am