U.S. Military To Be 30 Percent Robotic In Twelve Years

Click to viewThe U.S. military is being taken over by robots. Clearing buildings, recovering unexploded munitions and searching for bombs are some of the deadliest tasks a soldier can face in Iraq, and most of them can be done by robots. Plus, the Pentagon has plans to introduce even more robotic troops into military… » 8/06/08 8:00am 8/06/08 8:00am

Clone Wars Video Game Brings You Sith Witches

The Star Wars: Clone Wars Wii and Ninetndo DS video game brings us a spin-off from a spin-off, bringing us even more details about the space between the second and third Star Wars prequels. But the story of our heroes battling "Sith witches" sounds like something from the drunken pitch master. Click through for more… » 6/23/08 12:53pm 6/23/08 12:53pm