Wikileaks reveals "TrapWire," a government spy network that uses…

It's just like an episode of Person of Interest. According to documents leaked on Wikileaks, a company run by ex-CIA agents has created a piece of technology, called TrapWire, that siphons data from surveillance cameras in stores, casinos, and other businesses around the country. TrapWire then analyzes this data for,… » 8/11/12 5:54pm 8/11/12 5:54pm

Bradley Manning and the Future of Punishment

Bradley Manning is an Army intelligence analyst accused of leaking thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables to Wikileaks. Depending on your perspective, he's become a symbol for high tech whistleblowing, or dangerous cyber-crime. Either way, you should be paying attention to his pre-trial hearing, which unfolded this week » 12/21/11 6:04pm 12/21/11 6:04pm