William Shatner and Wil Wheaton narrate NASA's two new Mars rover…

NASA just gave Curiosity the Star Trek treatment. In anticipation of the rover's upcoming landing, the Agency has released two versions of a video entitled "Grand Entrance." The first is narrated by William Shatner, the second by Wil Wheaton. I think I speak for just about everyone in saying "oh hell yes." » 7/31/12 8:15am 7/31/12 8:15am

In this week's comics, Batman Incorporated and The Guild return!

What's hitting the spinner racks tomorrow? New adventures of Gotham City's half-dynamic, half-dysfunctional duo, Wil Wheaton putting on his robe and wizard hat, and psychic spies running amok in a book from Matt Kindt of Revolver and Super Spy. It's Comics We Crave, coming at you on a lazy May afternoon! » 5/22/12 9:15am 5/22/12 9:15am

Behold Wesley Crusher: Teenage F*** Machine, the Amazon Kindle's new…

Over the past several days, a certain Star Trek: The Next Generation prose piece has ensnared the popular imagination the world over. It's a story that's been recycled since time immemorial, due to its sheer cross-cultural thematic resonance. » 3/09/12 3:00pm 3/09/12 3:00pm

Tremble before Wil Wheaton's evil magical cloak from The Guild!

On Felicia Day's fantasy gaming webseries The Guild, Wil Wheaton plays Fawkes, the Machiavellian leader of the Axis of Anarchy online guild. Fawkes is the antagonist (and occasional paramour) of Day's heroic cleric, Cyd "Codex" Sherman. And even though Wheaton's played a major role on The Guild, we've never seen what his … » 2/02/12 7:30am 2/02/12 7:30am

Eureka proves that indestructible, tungsten-eating robot bugs aren't…

Last night's Eureka episode had a mild case of the grey goo, as Carter and company had to stop a bunch of runaway mini-bots before they devoured all metal in sight. It also revealed the hidden dangers of wearing neckties. » 8/16/11 6:00pm 8/16/11 6:00pm

Eureka turns up the comedy with the ultimate bank robbery

Last night's Eureka was one of the funniest episodes in a while — Carter is forced to endure disappearing banks, floating jeeps, obnoxious geniuses, and, most terrifyingly, out-of-shape physicists. And somewhere, amid all the hijinks, an evil plot is brewing. » 8/02/11 4:57pm 8/02/11 4:57pm

Wil Wheaton says the technobabble on Eureka is better than Star Trek's

Nerd icon Wil Wheaton has returned to sci-fi television as Eureka's slimy Dr. Isaac Parrish. We spoke with him at Comic-Con about just what makes good (and bad) technobabble, the secret to playing a scientist, and what's ahead on Eureka! » 7/27/11 4:30pm 7/27/11 4:30pm

Discover the shocking stories behind the year's most baffling image!

We all marveled at the fan art that showed Wil Wheaton riding a unicorn-dragon-kitten into battle with an Orc John Scalzi. And now you can read the true, and unquestionable stories behind the image. For charity! » 9/20/10 12:27pm 9/20/10 12:27pm