Fake Cowboy Uses Real Bullets, Injures Two In Wild West Re-Enactment Gone Awry

Next week is the 134th anniversary of Tombstone, Arizona’s famed moment in Wild West history, the shootout at the O.K. Corral involving Wyatt Earp and other legends of the era. The annual celebration got off to a rocky start, however, when an actor fired a loaded gun during a show. »10/19/15 5:30pm10/19/15 5:30pm


10 Big-Budget Movies That It's Hard To Believe Someone Greenlit

Movie-making is a high-stakes, all-in, kind of deal. You have to bet big to win big, most of the time. And when a movie tanks, it's easy to point fingers — but a lot of flops probably did seem like a good idea. But not all of them. Here are 10 big-budget movies that it's hard to see how anybody thought were a good… »4/15/14 1:35pm4/15/14 1:35pm

The motherlode of hi-res Harry Potter pics! Plus Zooey Deschanel could be another Spidey love interest.

The new Spider-Man film could feature another of Peter Parker's ex-girlfriends...plus his parents. Find your next desktop wallpaper, with tons of high-resolution Harry Potter photos. Captain America's director explains why they found the perfect villain. Plus the Astro City movie! »11/11/10 9:00am11/11/10 9:00am