A disturbing glimpse of Australia's wildfires as seen from space

International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield has snapped a series of images that capture the scale and devastation of wildfires that are currently blazing through parts of Australia. The bushfires, which have been burning since Friday, are being fueled by record high temperatures. And in fact, Australian… »1/09/13 9:40am1/09/13 9:40am

Map Reveals That Wildfires Release As Much Energy As Nuclear Power Plants

If we've learned anything from the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado, it's that major wildfires are devastatingly powerful. They're so intense, in fact, that their energy output can actually be represented in terms of nuclear power plant output. Now, data visualization wizard John Nelson has done exactly that. »7/17/12 6:17pm7/17/12 6:17pm