An exclusive sneak peek of DC Comics' alien exotic dancer comic, Voodoo

Priscilla Kitaen is having a rough day. She's discovered that her telepathic, shapeshifting, half-alien clone has been posing as a stripteaser to gather top-secret military intel, and the government agent protecting her is now threatening to blow Priscilla's head off. But hey, life is never easy when your… » 4/20/12 6:30am 4/20/12 6:30am

Why is DC Comics canceling and restarting all its superhero lines?

You may have noticed that DC Comics is audaciously canceling their entire superhero line and restarting it with 52 first issues come September. Details about this relaunch are still fairly murky, but here's a primer on what we do know. » 6/13/11 12:00pm 6/13/11 12:00pm

Push Preview Shows 1980s Psychic Cold Warfare

The first issue of DC Comics' prequel to next year's psychic Dakota Fanning movie Push » 11/11/08 3:03pm 11/11/08 3:03pm hits stores tomorrow, but the opening of the book has been released online, allowing all of us to get our first taste of Reagan era black ops telepathy a day early.The series, which previews February 2009's movie, is co-written by…

More Changes And Upset For DC Comics

It wasn't the change that anyone was expecting. When Friday's rumors of a resignation within DC Comics' upper management hit the nets, everyone was thinking executive editor Dan DiDio. But instead, it was Senior VP of Business Development John Nee. Shockwaves felt around the industry tended to be of the confused, "Who… » 6/23/08 7:30am 6/23/08 7:30am

Wildstorm Relives Past Glories, Other People's Characters

DC's once proud Wildstorm imprint showed signs of hurting at their Sunday panel at WonderCon. First sign was the sparse attendance for the panel, with less than 50 people in a hall meant to hold roughly eight times that number, with the second being that everyone involved, from pros to fans, would rather talk about… » 2/24/08 2:23pm 2/24/08 2:23pm