All The Women In Frank Miller's World Are Cray Cray

The latest and greatest Spirit TV spot titled "The Power" shows all the the ladies of Frank Miller's movie adaptation of Will Eisner's comic The Spirit in their awful stereotyped horror. The catty ladies fight over who gets to sex up the Spirit, and talk about being great eye candy. Plus, they're labeled "crazy,"… » 12/08/08 11:23am 12/08/08 11:23am

Not Even Samuel L. Jackson In Terrible Eyeliner Can Save The Spirit

New footage from Frank Miller's The Spirit has the Octopus and the Spirit duking it out through a murky cess-pool. It looks like the retarded baby from Sin City. Miller is truly just hell-bent on taking all of the fun out of this remake and just making it his own foul creation. Plus, somebody get the Octopus some… » 8/13/08 8:20am 8/13/08 8:20am

The Spirit Trailer Tries Too Hard To Get Some

Frank Miller is banking pretty hard on the whole "sex sells" idea in this new trailer for his movie of Will Eisner's classic comic book The Spirit. The black, white and red motif looks like a page torn right out of Miller's Sin City, despite the director's protests that he's not copying his first movie. What follows… » 7/15/08 8:20am 7/15/08 8:20am

"The Spirit" Teaser Gives Just A Taste Of The Goods

Here's the teaser for The Spirit, Frank Miller's adaptation of Will Eisner's comic book, which screened at New York Comic-Con. Even the few moments of footage managed to captivate the entire audience, from the ringing phone and the cat-strewn floor to the rooftop acrobatics and the typically Miller-esque monologue.… » 4/20/08 11:20am 4/20/08 11:20am

The Spirit of '50s Sci Fi Returns to Comics

Over at Newsarama, DC Comics head honcho Paul Levitz writes about celebrating the completion of The Spirit Archives, a series of hardcover collections of Will Eisner's newspaper comic strip from the '40s and '50s. While he and other DC employees are champagne toasting because the 24 volume series reached completion,… » 4/17/08 12:30pm 4/17/08 12:30pm

First Peek at Evil Secretary Silken Floss from Frank Miller's "The…

Frank Miller, the comic book auteur behind Dark Knight and Sin City, is directing his first film — an adaptation of 1940s newspaper comic The Spirit. Originally written by Will Eisner, the story features a detective dubbed the Spirit after he awakens from a state of suspended animation caused by a supervillain's… » 4/09/08 7:00am 4/09/08 7:00am