Feast your eyes on Curiosity's latest photos of Mars, including new telephoto views of Mt. Sharp!

You're looking at a small section of a vast and colorful panoramic view of Mars, one of the latest to be beamed back by NASA's Curiosity rover. The panorama (click here for full-res) shows a 360-degree view of the rover's landing site, and a clear shot of the highest visible reaches of Mount Sharp, the rover's primary… »8/28/12 3:03pm8/28/12 3:03pm

This plucky "Beetlecam" photography droid gets in hungry lions' faces

To capture the lions of Masai Mara on camera, British wildlife photographer William Burrard-Lucas devised with an ingenious solution — his wheeled, shielded, and camouflaged Beetlecam. After teasing out the kinks of his first model, he set this new version to roam around the Kenyan savannah. As you can see above,… »3/08/12 3:10pm3/08/12 3:10pm

Will.I.Am Discusses How He'll Destroy Wolverine Single-Handed

Meet the undoing of the next movie. A founding member of The Black Eyed Peas has been cast as a non-cowboy cowboy from Texas in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. In an interview with MTV Will.I.Am describes his powers explaining, "I'm a teleporter. ... I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere. Boom, boom, boom!" Click… »6/20/08 1:40pm6/20/08 1:40pm