William Barton Is The Great Unsung Space Opera Writer

Space opera and military science fiction are huge again, but I'm not aware of anybody publishing the type of wonderfully nihilistic space adventures that William Barton used to write in the 1990s. Barton, with occasional co-author Michael Capobianco, put out a dozen books that show how oppression and exploitation… » 8/05/08 12:46pm 8/05/08 12:46pm

A Love Story, Told By An Alien Invader

The Host, the first adult novel from Stephenie Meyer, is as cheesy as you'd expect from this trailer, which aired during Good Morning America. (Not to mention Meyer's track record as author of the young-adult vampire series Twilight, soon to be a movie.) But The Host is a better class of beach read, thanks to its… » 5/29/08 12:00pm 5/29/08 12:00pm