William Gibson After Trying VR: "They Did It"

After years of speculating about possible futures in his writing, William Gibson recently tried out one the world's contemporary science fictions come true. At TED, he strapped on a Gear VR headset. » 3/27/15 1:50pm Friday 1:50pm

William Gibson On His Rejected X-Files Pitch

» 3/25/15 3:00am 3/25/15 3:00am

The Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Books Of 2014

This was a crazy good year for books. There was mind-expanding science fiction —including William Gibson's return to the future! — along with thrilling fantasy, and a number of brilliant category-defying books. Here are the 22 best science fiction and fantasy books of 2014. » 12/30/14 9:16am 12/30/14 9:16am

Great Opening Sentences From Science Fiction Novels

You can tell a lot about a science fiction book from its first sentence. A truly great first sentence establishes a tone, sticks in your mind, and serves as a little otherworldly koan, confounding your expectations. And maybe freaking your shit a little. Here are our favorite science fiction opening sentences of all… » 11/11/14 12:24pm 11/11/14 12:24pm

William Gibson On the Apocalypse, America, and The Peripheral’s Ending

William Gibson is laconic. Which isn't too surprising, given that the author of Neuromancer is famous for his spare, incisive prose style. We sat down with him in late October to discuss his latest novel, The Peripheral, and wound up talking about a lot of things I never expected. » 11/10/14 8:30am 11/10/14 8:30am

Which Science Fiction Or Fantasy Book Will Make Anyone Smarter?

Science fiction and fantasy are full of great ideas — but some works in the genre are especially mind-expanding or educational. Which science fiction or fantasy novel made you feel smarter after you read it? » 10/31/14 2:22pm 10/31/14 2:22pm

The Future Is a Lonely Place, in William Gibson's The Peripheral

With his new novel The Peripheral, William Gibson returns to the genre that made him famous: near-future science fiction. But the world of The Peripheral is very different from the hyperactive cyberpunk citiscapes of Neuromancer. His canvas is much bigger — and his prophesies are far more melancholy. » 10/23/14 2:13pm 10/23/14 2:13pm

This Is One Of The Best Months Ever For Science Fiction & Fantasy Books

No kidding. This month is just crushingly incredible, when it comes to new science fiction and fantasy books. Including a new William Gibson, Ann Leckie's Ancillary sequel, Gillian Anderson's science fiction novel, Ann Rice's new Lestat book, new Chuck Palahniuk, and so much more. Here are 27 must-read titles. » 10/01/14 1:29pm 10/01/14 1:29pm

Science Fiction And Fantasy Books That Will Change Your Life This Fall

Science fiction and fantasy books are seriously going to blow your mind this fall. William Gibson returns to the future. Plus there are new books by David Mitchell, Anne Rice, Michael Moorcock, Margaret Atwood and Patrick Rothfuss. Here are the 30 books you absolutely cannot afford to miss this fall. » 8/18/14 9:41am 8/18/14 9:41am

Here's the Shiny Cover of William Gibson's New Novel!

With this exclusive io9 reveal, at last we've got a solid glimpse of William Gibson's long-awaited novel, The Peripheral, coming out October 28. This is the first time in two decades that the author of Neuromancer has written a book set in the far future. » 7/16/14 10:43am 7/16/14 10:43am

Science Fiction Does Something Way Better Than Predict The Future

People get stuck on the idea that science fiction predicts the future, and that we should look to SF books to find out what we'll be doing 20 years from now. But actually, says Questionable Practices author Eileen Gunn, science fiction does something way more valuable: teach us that change is inevitable. » 6/24/14 10:47am 6/24/14 10:47am

Afterparty Is A Cutting-Edge Story About How Science Will Change Us

Daryl Gregory's Afterparty is a fantastic thrill ride, presenting an all-too-real future that upends our own world and replaces it with something far more strange. This is science fiction of the cutting edge, on par with stories such as William Gibson's Neuromancer, McIntosh's Soft Apocalypse and Orphan Black. » 4/28/14 5:00pm 4/28/14 5:00pm

Own William Gibson's bomber jacket! Did you covet the Buzz Rickson MA-1 bomber jacket that cool hunter Cayce Pollard wore in William Gibson's novel Pattern Recognition? Now a similar jacket can be yours, as designed by Gibson, for just $690. » 11/13/13 3:30pm 11/13/13 3:30pm

10 Myths About Science Fiction (And Why They Matter)

Science fiction is the literature of our times. And that means myths about science fiction are actually myths about the world we live in today. Science fiction explains our gadget-obsessed, social-media-saturated, meta-fictional present. So here are 10 common myths about science fiction, and why they're important. » 10/10/13 10:04am 10/10/13 10:04am

How to measure the power of a science fiction story

Too often, we hear that a science fiction story has "succeeded" if it predicts the future accurately. But that's the wrong measure of success. The most powerful works of SF don't describe the future — they change it. » 9/17/13 12:00pm 9/17/13 12:00pm

9 Scientific Breakthroughs That Killed Science Fiction Subgenres

Science fiction looks to the future — but sometimes the future catches up to you. Sometimes, an idea generates tons of great science fiction stories — until science reveals the truth, and kills it dead. Or technology surpasses it. Here are nine scientific breakthroughs that destroyed science fiction subgenres. » 8/29/13 10:29am 8/29/13 10:29am

How did William Gibson really feel about Blade Runner?

A couple of years ago, Paris Review did a fascinating and comprehensive interview with author William Gibson. At last, the entire thing is online for you to read. There's an especially great section where he talks about what his cyberpunk classic Neuromancer shares with Blade Runner. » 7/24/13 1:20pm 7/24/13 1:20pm

Watch William Gibson read from his brand new science fiction novel

Legendary author William Gibson appeared at the New York Public Library on April 19, and he read the first couple pages from his futuristic new novel, The Peripheral. Check out the first chapter, "The Gone Haptics." That amazing prose just sticks to your mind. » 4/29/13 3:35pm 4/29/13 3:35pm

Further proof that reality has become a William Gibson novel

While musing on Twitter about an app that could generate a "wholly fictitious but believable Facebook persona," William Gibson received confirmation (or at least, an anecdote) that reality is at least as weird as working for Bigend in his most recent trilogy. Here's what artist Greg Borenstein told him: » 1/30/13 7:30am 1/30/13 7:30am

How would the William Gibson of 1984 have described the Internet of…

William Gibson coined the term "cyberspace" and he's still predicting the myriad possibilities of our technological tomorrows, but how might Gibson have described our modern Internet at the time he was writing Neuromancer? Over at Something Awful, Zack Parsons' short parody of Gibson's writing style imagines how our… » 1/06/13 8:30am 1/06/13 8:30am