The creators of Doctor Who were a scandal

These days, Doctor Who is approaching its 50th anniversary as one of the most successful television shows of all time. But originally? Doctor Who was a small show that the BBC expected to run for a few episodes, and then vanish forever. The show had a tiny studio and huge cameras, and a shoestring budget. But the… » 2/20/12 2:32pm 2/20/12 2:32pm

Is Mark Gatiss writing a biopic about the creation of Doctor Who in…

A dramatization of Doctor Who's origins seems like the sort of thing that would be perfect for the show's 50th anniversary next year. Mark Gatiss, interviewed on Graham Norton's radio show, seemed to be denying that any such thing was in the works — but his denials are still being taken as hints that he might actually… » 2/13/12 3:20pm 2/13/12 3:20pm

Who Cares About Doctor's Daughter When We've Already Met His Grandchild?

While many of the Doctor Who faithful are very concerned about this week's discovery of "The Doctor's Daughter," geeks at British site Digital Spy isn't phased at all. After all, they remember that the very first episode of the series way back in 1963 featured the Doctor's granddaughter, Susan... » 5/12/08 7:00am 5/12/08 7:00am

Susan was the…