Epic: This is what a good children's film looks like

Movies for kids generally exist in a zone of lowered expectations. Recycled sitcom jokes and microwaved pop culture references dot a paint-by-numbers story about rehashed characters. So it's refreshing to see a film like Epic, which actually packs a real story, along with some gorgeous imagery. Minor spoilers ahead... »5/24/13 12:07pm5/24/13 12:07pm


Brand New Exclusive Concept Art from the Animated Adventure Epic

Amanda Seyfried gets shrunk to tiny size and joins a race of strange little people as they fight against evil monsters, in the animated fantasy adventure Epic. This film is based on the children's book by William Joyce (Rise of the Guardians), and we've got some lush, fairy-tale-themed concept art from the film,… »4/23/13 5:04pm4/23/13 5:04pm

Your kids will probably be better people if you take them to see Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians isn't the best kids' movie of the year. It might or might not be in the top five. But it's a really neat, uplifting film that actually radiates sincerity about its messages of imagination and heroism. And that sincerity counts for a lot: Your kids will probably grow up to be slightly nicer people… »11/21/12 4:53pm11/21/12 4:53pm