Buck Rogers' Future Looks Glowing

The Buck Rogers revival officially kicks off in May with the release of the first issue of Dynamite's new Buck comic. But what kind of 25th century should we expect? The hero's new writer explains. » 2/25/09 7:30am 2/25/09 7:30am

Leave Buck Rogers In The Past, Please

This year sees the 80th birthday of time-traveling American hero Buck Rogers, the comic strip and movie serial hero who also made the 25th century both a weekly destination and strangely sexy for a generation of children in the early 1980s (Okay, that last part may have had a lot to do with Erin Gray's Wilma Deering… » 11/16/08 12:00pm 11/16/08 12:00pm

Colonel Wilma Deering vs. Princess Ardala

Buck Rogers faced the same problem that vexed Gilligan, the Professor, and the Skipper. Except instead of "Mary Ann or Ginger?" it was "Wilma or Ardala?" You have to admit, that's a pretty tough choice. Especially since both women are tough, calculating, skilled, and in powerful positions. We all know Buck preferred… » 4/04/08 3:30pm 4/04/08 3:30pm