Meanwhile in the Future: We Have Changed the Climate with Wind Turbines

According to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, about 2.3 percent of America’s power is generated by wind. But wind power is becoming wildly popular all over the world. What would happen if a company put up so many wind turbines that they actually changed the climate on Earth? That’s the subject of this… » 7/21/15 4:12pm 7/21/15 4:12pm

Coming Soon: A Massive Wind Farm to Power Kenya

There are some 700 million people in Africa without access to electricity. As the continent modernizes, those people will need power. But could African power be a perfect place for leapfrog technology—when a developing society goes straight to the most modern technology without going through the iterations seen in the… » 3/28/11 3:00pm 3/28/11 3:00pm

Energy Ball Turns Your Roof into a Wind Turbine Farm

When peak oil means you're paying more to power up your computers than you are for rent, it's time for Energy Ball. Developed recently by Swedish company Home Energy » 9/03/08 10:23am 9/03/08 10:23am, these cool-looking devices are designed to work in low winds and make very little noise. That makes them perfect for home use, as well as in giant wind…

Airborne Wind Turbines Are Floating Eco-Powerhouses of Tomorrow

Wind turbines produce energy by harnessing the wind, and usually they look like windmills. But a new breed of airborne wind turbine is heading into production. Many of them are house-sized and blimp-shaped, inflated with helium and left to churn in the rapid winds that are always blowing 1000 feet off the ground.… » 12/13/07 2:00pm 12/13/07 2:00pm