Flix Plus Customizes Netflix to Your Heart's Desire

Chrome: Flix Plus, a new extension from us at Lifehacker, adds new features and tweaks to Netflix.com, letting you filter its recommendations, remove spoilers, use keyboard shortcuts, and a whole lot more. » 10/01/14 8:30pm 10/01/14 8:30pm

The Best Comic Reader App for Android

Reading comics, particularly on tablets, is a delightful use of bright, vivid touchscreens. If you're a heavy reader and want to bring your own files, Astonishing Comic Reader is a relative newcomer with a ton of slick features. » 2/11/15 10:00am 2/11/15 10:00am

Scientists teach cute lil' robot to wash chalkboards and windows

Researchers at the Italian Institute of Technology and Tokyo City University have taught a tiny humanoid robot to clean flat surfaces. The study is helmed by IIT's Dr. Petar Kormushev, who previously taught a disarmingly adorable robot to shoot a bull's eye with a bow and arrow all by itself. As you can see, the… » 2/16/11 11:47am 2/16/11 11:47am

Ornithologists Estimate That Highly Reflective Windows Kill 1-5% Of…

We've all laughed at the classic cartoon gag where a bird flies headfirst into a window. Turns out this phenomenon isn't just a joke, it's deadly among migratory birds in Philadelphia, killing an estimated 1-5% of the migrating population. » 8/07/09 3:30pm 8/07/09 3:30pm

Iron Man Armor Now Comes With Proprietary Software

Iron Man! He's not just the kinda guy who saves the world from supervillains and Jeff Bridges with a shaved head anymore! No, now he's the kind of guy who's off crusading against... Linux? Wait, that can't be right. The latest interview promoting movie tie-in comic The Invincible Iron Man seems to suggest a more… » 4/10/08 11:04am 4/10/08 11:04am