An Animated Map Showing Which States Are Drinking More Wine Over Time

Americans are consuming more wine than ever before. But how does each state compare? This animated map from Vinepair shows how wine consumption has increased in each state over the past two decades — a trend that doesn't appear to be ending any time soon. » 4/03/14 9:30am 4/03/14 9:30am

Why Astronauts Were Banned From Drinking Wine In Outer Space

The story behind NASA's brief embrace of extraterrestrial sherry is a curious one. In the early seventies, the agency's focus was shifting from short, Moon-focused missions to the possibility of longer-term inhabitation of space. A revamped menu was among the most pressing challenges: food on the Gemini and Apollo… » 1/31/14 4:14pm 1/31/14 4:14pm

Here's why wine snobs should probably be called bacteria snobs

Differences in wine quality between vineyards have long been attributed to processing techniques and seasonal variation. But research now suggests that regional differences between wines are shaped by microbes — specifically, fungi and bacteria. Cultivating certain grape microbes may actually improve wine flavor. » 11/26/13 12:38pm 11/26/13 12:38pm

The Strange History of Bottled Drinks Marketed to Dogs and Cats

We were thrilled to see wine made for cats the other day — but this wasn't the first time someone has marketed beer, wine or sodas aimed at your pet. Check out our gallery of the tastiest and wildest beverages for dogs and cats! » 10/18/13 3:00pm 10/18/13 3:00pm

How much alcohol is too much?

Located somewhere between the craggy cliffs of Raging Alcoholism and the tranquil (if a tad repressed) planes of Stone-Cold Sobriety roll the pleasantly sloping hills of Moderate Booze-Consumption. It's a nice, pleasantly buzzed place to visit – but getting there can be a little tricky. What does it really mean, after… » 9/10/13 12:20pm 9/10/13 12:20pm

This Italian 'Adolf Hitler wine' has infuriated just about everybody

Holy hell, this is in poor taste — both figuratively and probably literally. Italian prosecutors are investigating how bottles of wine adorned with images of Adolf Hitler got on to store shelves. And now human rights organizations are entering into the fray. » 8/16/13 3:40pm 8/16/13 3:40pm

Wine pairings for the post-apocalypse: What to drink with rats, dog…

Let's say that in your post-apocalyptic wanderings, you stumble across a home or restaurant with a particularly sturdy—and well stocked—wine cellar. Suddenly you have a plethora of varietals at your fingertips, but your daily diet still consists of SPAM, small rodents, and MREs. How do you know which wines will best… » 11/25/12 7:00am 11/25/12 7:00am

Wine pairing for zombies: Which wines go best with human flesh?

So you've turned into a zombie, and you've spent a good deal of time mindlessly eating human flesh. But eventually, you find your tastebuds have gotten bored and you'd really like a glass of something that brings out the flavor of kidneys and skin. But what wines would go best with a dinner of human meat? » 6/16/12 8:00am 6/16/12 8:00am

10 Things Alcohol is Excellent At (Besides Getting You Drunk)

Alcoholic beverages have come in many forms over the years, and gone by almost as many names. "Social lubricant," "liquid courage," "mother of bad-decisions"... the list goes on and on. Many of these names stem from alcohol's most noteworthy quality: it'll get you drunk. » 3/26/12 10:32am 3/26/12 10:32am

New research suggests that you too can become a wine snob

Do you find yourself completely lost whenever your friends go off on long-winded descriptions of a wine's aroma and bouquet? Well there may be hope for you yet, you uncultured brute. A new animal study — wherein researchers trained rats to distinguish between three very similar, albeit different, smells — suggests that … » 11/21/11 11:19am 11/21/11 11:19am

For $624, you can quaff Neon Genesis Evangelion sparkling wine

After a hard day of batting around Angels, nothing tastes crisper than a bottle of officially sanctioned $624 Evangelion wine. Sure, you could buy 312 bottles of Thunderbird with that money, but Thunderbird doesn't have mecha on the label. » 6/22/11 2:30pm 6/22/11 2:30pm

Want to stay healthy and cancer-free? Have some coffee, chocolate, and …

It seems like many of our vices are turning out to have healthy side effects. We already know that chocolate is helpful for circulation, reduces the risk of heart disease, is a cough suppressant, and can keep your brain working as you age (and may be a treatment for HPV). Red wine is one of the most potent… » 5/11/11 11:31am 5/11/11 11:31am