J.J. Abrams Promises Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is "Delightful" and Explains How He's Passing the Torch

If you were given only one word to describe your feeling after watching the original Star Wars trilogy, “Delightful” is a good one. That’s also the word J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan focused on when writing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which seems like a good sign.
»11/09/15 12:00pm11/09/15 12:00pm

Smashing a Lego AT-ST With Logs Like the Ewoks Did Is So Satisfying

The best scene in Return of the Jedi isn’t when Vader kills the Emperor, or when the Death Star explodes, or even when Han Solo thaws out of carbonite. It’s when the Ewoks take down an AT-ST walker using a couple of giant swinging logs, and it’s just as satisfying when recreated with Lego. »11/03/15 4:30pm11/03/15 4:30pm

Adam Savage reacting to a 400-pound super-mech is just the best

So Wired brought a 400 pound, 9.5-foot-tall robot mech to Comic-Con. Born out of a collaboration between Stan Winston School and Legacy Effects (the same people behind the armor in Pacific Rim and Iron Man) it's... impressive, to say the least – something this reaction from Mythbuster's Adam Savage makes abundantly… »7/19/13 4:20pm7/19/13 4:20pm

Paolo Bacigalupi: Science fiction "thrives at uncertainty points, when questions about our future are unanswered"

Wind-Up Girl author Paolo Bacigalupi's essay over at Wired is both a must read and a quick read. The essay is mostly about how Cyberpunk saved science fiction by shaking up the complacent view of the future that had dominated for decades — but then he broadens out into a more general theory of science fiction as a… »6/20/12 7:43pm6/20/12 7:43pm

BBC America commissions two new shows from the creators of The Fades

The Fades caught us off guard with its surprisingly fast-paced and unconventional apocalyptic storytelling, but there's no word on a second season yet. But there's other news, which might turn out to be even better: BBC America has commissioned the show's production company, Clerkenwell Films, to create two brand new… »2/28/12 7:42pm2/28/12 7:42pm

Detailed Military Specs On How To Stop A Rampaging Monster In Your Town

If a 500 foot tall monster invaded your city, would you know how to stop it? Luckily, Wired has not one but two extremely detailed posts telling you what sort of military specs and maneuvers would probably work best against an enormous beastie. Of course, robotics expert Daniel Wilson already told us that we just need… »3/04/08 11:40am3/04/08 11:40am