The Bitchin Fantasy Artist You Didn't Know You Already Admired

You may not know Ian Miller's name, but you've definitely marveled at his ornate, harrowing art before. His work has adorned everything from H.P. Lovecraft book covers to Warhammer 40K concept art. And at last, 300 of his best pieces are being collected in a book, The Art of Ian Miller. We've got an exclusive peek,… » 4/10/14 12:51pm 4/10/14 12:51pm

These Missing Harry Potter Cover Illustrations Are Better Than Movies

The Harry Potter books were originally issued with beautiful hardcover dust jackets featuring the warm and delightful illustrations of Mary GrandPré, who gave most readers their first idea of what the wizarding world looked like. Now, newly discovered unpublished pictures show much more of GrandPré's vision. » 7/18/13 3:52pm 7/18/13 3:52pm

In 1995, New Mexico voted on a bill requiring psychologists to dress…

In 1995, New Mexico state senator Duncan Scott was getting aggravated by the number of psychologists and psychiatrists being used as expert witnesses in legal trials. To protest this perceived overuse of psychiatric professionals, Scott tacked the following protest amendment onto a bill: » 2/06/12 9:55am 2/06/12 9:55am

Insane 1980s TV movie turned Tim Curry into an erotic Halloween wizard

Tim Curry may be more famous for his performance as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, but his musical turn as "The Grand Wizard" in the 1986 British TV movie The Worst Witch is equally incredible. Watch as he warbles "Anything Can Happen On Halloween," a tune that will ignite the jack-o'-lantern in your loins. This song belongs in… » 10/25/11 7:10am 10/25/11 7:10am

What if Where's Waldo was a high-tech espionage thriller?

Given that we live in a world where Battleship is going to the multiplex, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that someone's imagined a mature audiences Where's Waldo flick. The best moments are the sniper sequence and the guest spot by The Waldog (or whatever the hell he's called). » 9/14/11 4:05pm 9/14/11 4:05pm

Nic Cage Versus Gandalf: Who'd Win? We Asked The Sorcerer's Apprentice

We cornered Nic Cage's wizard in training, Jay Baruchel, to find out just how magical Jerry Bruckheimer's Sorcerer's Apprentice is going to be. Find out how the movie opens, and who would win a Gandalf Vs. Cage sorcery throw-down. » 3/01/10 7:00am 3/01/10 7:00am