Gladiatorial Combat In 80-Ton Battlemechs

As pilot Boris Vassilev directs his heavy-class 'Mech into the five-acre arena, the thundering footfalls are nearly drowned out by the crowd's roars of delight. Viewers in five systems are watching this live, as Boris prepares for a one-on-one battle against top-ranked pilot Inese Lassonde and her heavily modified… » 9/04/08 8:00am 9/04/08 8:00am

Anti-Monitor Exclusive Is a Crisis at Infinite Cons

He can unleash universe-obliterating waves of anti-matter, but you can control comic book supervillain Anti-Monitor's powers with the click of a dial. The DC Heroclix Anti-Monitor action pack came out last month, but an alternate version will be offered as a convention exclusive at this year's San Diego Comic Con and… » 5/16/08 8:00am 5/16/08 8:00am