Gorgeous Photos Show Bears and Wolves Feasting Together on a Dead Whale

When a dead whale washes ashore, it's a meaty bounty for whatever carnivores happen to find it. Researchers were surprised to find brown bears and wolves, two predators that don't usually get along, sharing a whale carcass for more than four months. And they have the photos to prove it. »5/18/14 3:32pm5/18/14 3:32pm

Dogs that look more like puppies have an evolutionary advantage

In many ways, dogs appear and behave more like wolf puppies than wolf adults. Scientists have theorized that these "paedomorphic" features are the byproduct of selecting dogs against aggression. But a new study suggests this is no byproduct at all, but rather the result of a human preference for puppy-like facial… »12/27/13 4:43pm12/27/13 4:43pm

A wolf howl is the ultimate sign of respect (if you're a wolf)

Wolf howls are among the most recognizable—and, depending on one's situation, most fearsome—sounds in the wild, with their low pitch and long duration making them the perfect form of natural long-distance communication. But just why do wolves want to reach out to one another over the vast expanses of forest and tundra? »8/25/13 8:00pm8/25/13 8:00pm

This baby wolf and grizzly bear cub became lifelong best friends

Animals strike up plenty of strange interspecies friendships, but this one in particular is DEFCON 1 adorable. At the Woodland Zoo in Farmington, Pennsylvania, Lil' Bear the grizzly and Tala the wolf have struck up a friendship that has lasted six years. The only thing that could make this tableau any cuter is if the… »2/09/12 1:35pm2/09/12 1:35pm