All the Crazy Star Wars Episode VII Rumors in One Place!

It's only been a few days since the Disney/Lucasfilm deal and a new Star Wars trilogy were announced - and already the rumors are twirling like Darth Maul's lightsabers. Also, will Guillermo del Toro direct a movie about a magical version of the Justice League? The next Terminator movie could be coming after all. The… » 11/02/12 5:55am 11/02/12 5:55am

Choose Your Wonder Woman

Having already chosen a lead actor for the Captain America movie, are asking their readers to now pick who should play Wonder Woman, if her movie ever makes it out of development hell. But while we've got no problem with two of the three choices (The odd one out is Megan Fox - Sorry, she's really not the… » 12/02/08 3:18pm 12/02/08 3:18pm