New Footage From 9 Tore Our Stuffing Out

We've been excited about the animated film 9 since we saw the trailer, and we got a chance to see some footage and hear from animation director Joe Ksander and star Elijah Wood. Spoilers! » 3/12/09 10:00am 3/12/09 10:00am

McG Answered Our Most Pressing Chuck/Supernatural Question

When McG was doing Terminator Salvation interviews last week at Wondercon, we saw our chance to ask him a question that has been plaguing our minds for ages. McG has produced two science fiction/fantasy TV series: Chuck and Supernatural. And both shows feature a protagonist who drops out of Stanford, due to his… » 3/11/09 2:00pm 3/11/09 2:00pm

League Of Super Evil Is Ren And Supervillain-Esque

A ragged gang of supervillains make their debut on Cartoon Network tonight, and you may just be one of their first conquests. The League Of Super Evil brings cuteness and slapstick to mega-villainy. Spoilers! » 3/05/09 1:09pm 3/05/09 1:09pm

Summer Glau And Shirley Manson Talk Killer Robots

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles features two female Terminators: Summer Glau plays John Connor's jealous sorta-girlfriend, while singer Shirley Manson is the world's worst mother. We talked to them about "Octomom," faux-humanity, and girl-fights. » 3/03/09 4:29pm 3/03/09 4:29pm

Chuck Will Be Getting More Science Fictional

People always ask if spy-computer-brain show Chuck is really science fiction, so we asked producer Chris Fedak if the show would delve into its science-fiction trappings a bit more. Luckily for us, he said yes. » 3/01/09 3:43pm 3/01/09 3:43pm

Terminator Trailer (And 2 Scenes) Show Robot Angst

A screaming Wondercon crowd got treated to a new Terminator Salvation trailer and two long scenes, which I think were new. We got exposed to McG's ruthlessly manic energy, and we learned some mega-spoilers. » 2/28/09 7:47pm 2/28/09 7:47pm

New Star Trek Trailer Shows A Slightly Warped Kirk

Star Trek's new trailer showed a week early at Wondercon, and it reveals more of James Kirk's struggle to become Captain Kirk. Plus J.J. Abrams beatboxed and Chris Pine talked his favorite Trek episodes. OMGspoilers! » 2/28/09 3:57pm 2/28/09 3:57pm