The most terrifying Terminator of all is, of course, Woody Allen

The brilliant OneMinuteGalactica has used his considerable powers to mash-up the original Terminator movie trailer's audio and footage from Woody Allen's 1973 scifi comedy Sleeper. You don't need to have seen Sleeper to get the joke... or be terrified at the idea of a sex-crazed Woody-bot hunting down Diane Keaton. »6/20/13 4:30pm6/20/13 4:30pm


With "Midnight in Paris," Woody Allen does a time-travel urban fantasy

Woody Allen's latest flick, Midnight in Paris, is a time-travel fantasy about a hack writer named Gil (Owen Wilson) who goes to Paris with his annoying wife — and discovers a bar that's stuck in the 1920s. Literally. The bar is a It's full of all the literary lights of 1920s expat Paris, from Gertrude Stein to Pablo… »5/24/11 8:30pm5/24/11 8:30pm

What the aliens had to say to Woody Allen about his movies

In classic Woody Allen flick Stardust Memories, the comedian plays a famous comedian who is sick of doing funny stuff and starts making serious art movies. Unfortunately, the only reason anybody ever liked his work was because he was funny. Including these aliens that he meets out in the woods, who remind him that… »3/11/11 2:25am3/11/11 2:25am