A rare, near-complete mammoth skeleton has been unearthed near Paris

You know what's rare? Woolly mammoth skeletons. You know what's even rarer? Beautifully preserved, near-complete, French woolly mammoth skeletons. Archaeologists just dug up the latter. » 11/08/12 8:00am 11/08/12 8:00am

The last mammoths died out just 3600 years ago...but they should have…

We usually think of woolly mammoths as purely Ice Age creatures. But while most did indeed die out 10,000 years ago, one tiny population endured on isolated Wrangel Island until 1650 BCE. So why did they finally go extinct? » 3/25/12 2:30pm 3/25/12 2:30pm

Shady scientists head up mission to clone woolly mammoths

When Russian and Japanese scientists announced last December that they had recovered bone marrow that would enable them to clone a woolly mammoth within five years, a lot of people called their 2017 deadline unrealistic. » 3/13/12 3:24pm 3/13/12 3:24pm

Watch the original footage of the "live woolly mammoth" video

Last week, the internet exploded when The Sun claimed to be in possession of footage that shows a live (albeit suspiciously blurry) woolly mammoth crossing a river in Russia. Now, the original video used to create the dubious clip has surfaced. » 2/13/12 11:15am 2/13/12 11:15am

Woolly Mammoth alive and caught on tape (maybe)

Even though it's still impossible to clone a Woolly Mammoth we may not need to — because a Woolly Mammoth has been spotted and captured on tape in Siberia. Behold the undeniable proof that the Mammoth lives — or that bears love to fish. You be the judge! » 2/08/12 12:54pm 2/08/12 12:54pm

No, we won't be able to clone a woolly mammoth in the next five years

A team of Russian and Japanese scientists recently announced that they have discovered pristine DNA samples of woolly mammoths, and they will clone a living mammoth within five years. It's tremendously exciting...but almost certainly not going to happen. Here's why. » 12/06/11 11:00am 12/06/11 11:00am

How a 43,000-Year-Old Wooly Mammoth Could One Day Save Your Life

Heart and brain surgeries are called "hypothermia-dependent" procedures because doctors often have to lower their patients' temperatures during surgery. The thing is, human blood doesn't transport oxygen as well at cold temperatures. Surgeons rely on synthetic blood substitutes to help the patient's body cope. » 9/14/11 1:18pm 9/14/11 1:18pm

A crazy old comic about Nazis fighting a woolly mammoth

The sadly out-of-print Weird War Tales furnished readers with oodles of nutty paranormal combat stories. In this obscure yet awesome short, a Nazi regiment fights a woolly mammoth thawed out of glacier...and then they tame it. Hilarity ensues. » 11/17/10 3:40pm 11/17/10 3:40pm

A Step-By-Step Guide to Resurrecting the Woolly Mammoth

As our grasp of genetics and cloning grows, the one question everyone asks is, "When can we recreate an extinct species from old DNA?" It just so happens that scientists have quite a bit of woolly mammoth DNA lying around, and now science journal Nature » 11/20/08 8:20am 11/20/08 8:20am has got the resurrection process all figured out.Mammoths lived…