Woolly mammoths went out with a whimper, not a bang

Scientists have long wondered why woolly mammoths became extinct. We've delved into such possibilities as inbreeding, climate change, human hunting, and an asteroid impact. None of these solutions have proven particularly satisfying — mostly because, as a new study suggests, no single cause can be attributed to their… » 6/13/12 10:57am 6/13/12 10:57am

One of the Most Well-Preserved Woolly Mammoths We've Ever Found

Rarely do researchers encounter a woolly mammoth that is as perfectly preserved as the one you see here; recently discovered entombed in the arctic steppes of Siberia, the juvenile mammoth (which has been named "Yuka") has been so well protected throughout the millenia that its foot pads and hair are still intact.… » 4/04/12 4:20pm 4/04/12 4:20pm

For $13,000, you can buy your very own fiberglass mastodon

Impulse buy alert! We here at io9 have a thing for creepy fiberglass dinosaur sculptures (as seen at destinations like these). So we were visibly jazzed when tipster Laura informed us that someone was selling a 10-foot-tall, three-toed-sloth sculpture for a bargain $4000. » 1/19/12 8:45am 1/19/12 8:45am

"Plesiosaurus 13' (flippers move up and…