And now, 15 minutes of Worf's ideas getting shot down by everyone on The Next Generation

This is easily the most depressing supercut I've seen in a while. Why the hell did the Enterprise crew keep the son of Mogh around if they were just going to crap all over his suggestions time and time again? That killjoy Riker, preventing our disenfranchised Klingon buddy from rending esophagi and whatnot. »2/21/12 1:00pm2/21/12 1:00pm

Which Science Fiction Ass-Kicker Would You Want As Your Bodyguard?

It's a tough world out there, and if science fiction is any guide, it's only going to get more dystopian and hairstyle-challenged in the years to come. You're going to need some protection from all those tinfoil-clad harpoon-punks who want to steal your teeth. Ideally, it should be someone dependable, as well as a… »3/21/08 2:18pm3/21/08 2:18pm