The Accidental Detective Who Became A National Hero (And A Movie Star)

In 1966, England was ramping up to host the World Cup — which it would eventually win. But months before any players set foot on the field, the iconic gold Jules Rimet Trophy was stolen from its well-guarded display case. A week later, it was recovered ... with a little help from a four-legged Londoner. »6/19/15 4:20pm6/19/15 4:20pm


Was That A Goal? The World Cup Tech That Calls The Close Ones

Last weekend, along with some really obvious, glorious and not so glorious goals, we saw one that was a little trickier. French striker Karim Benzema's shot hit the upright and then bounced off Honduran goalkeeper Noel Valladares toward the goal line. Vallardes thought he had saved it, Benzema thought he had scored,… »6/22/14 6:06pm6/22/14 6:06pm

Mind-Controlled Pong is One Step Toward a World Cup Kickoff

Controlling games with brainwaves is a vogue research subject—Patricia Hernandez herself tested out a demo that involved tossing trucks telekinetically—but a team of researchers have applied it to a competitive game—Pong—with the goal of allowing a paralyzed person to make the ceremonial kickoff of the 2014 World Cup. »6/22/13 6:50pm6/22/13 6:50pm