The World Health Organization Urges Switch To "Smart" Syringes By 2020

By using the same syringe to give injections to multiple people, health practitioners around the world are significantly driving the spread of many deadly infectious diseases. In an effort to deal with this problem, the WHO is pushing for syringes that cannot be used more than once — and they want this worldwide… »2/23/15 5:20pm2/23/15 5:20pm


Miss Universe contestant petitions World Health Organization to remove transsexualism as a mental disorder

Many of you will remember Jenna Talackova, the Canadian Miss Universe nominee who had to fight for her right to compete at last year's pageant because she's transgendered (she won the appeal and finished in the top 12). Now, Talackova is asking the World Health Organization to remove transsexualism from their list of… »10/23/12 9:20am10/23/12 9:20am