How The Sinking Of The Lusitania Heralded An Entirely New Kind Of War

A century ago today, the world’s most famous luxury liner, the Lusitania, was sunk by a German U-boat. It was a shocking incident, one that signaled a disturbing change in how the war was to be fought. It also set the U.S. on a path that would eventually lead it to war. Here’s what happened on that fateful day in May. »5/07/15 12:00pm5/07/15 12:00pm

How The Most Daring Plan Of WWI Turned Into A Military Disaster

This coming Sunday marks the centenary of one of WWI’s most infamous campaigns: Gallipoli. It was an audacious attempt by the Entente to break the European deadlock with a master stroke. Instead, it quickly turned into a hellish ordeal and a resounding defeat. Here’s why Gallipoli seemed like a good idea at the time… »4/20/15 2:10pm4/20/15 2:10pm

Ben Elton Has A Brand New Novel About Traveling Back To Stop World War I

You probably know Ben Elton as the writer behind such amazing shows as Blackadder and The Young Ones. But he's also the author of a ton of novels, many of which explore totally ludicrous science fiction premises with the kind of zany humor you'd expect. (The best are Gridlock and Stark.) And now, he's just published a… »1/23/15 5:33pm1/23/15 5:33pm

It's the 100th anniversary of World War I: experience it in real time with "The First World War

It's the 100th anniversary of World War I: experience it in real time with "The First World War in 261 weeks," a podcast that recounts the events of the war, week by week, 100 years from when they occurred. The podcast will run, as the war did, for five years. Find it on iTunes, Podbean, and Stitcher. [via Metafilter] »12/09/14 7:30am12/09/14 7:30am

Was Britain's WWI Blockade The First Atrocity Of The 20th Century?

From 1914 to 1919, the Allied powers restricted the maritime supply of raw materials and foodstuffs to the Central Powers. The policy is often called a key component in the Allied victory, but it resulted in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, and introduced the world to a terrifying new kind of warfare. »12/01/14 2:00pm12/01/14 2:00pm

This Propaganda Poster Showed Martian Technology Winning World War I

A 1917 poster by French artist Henri Montassier offers hope for a quick conclusion to the war through new technology. But, his image has little in common with the armored vehicles under development. Instead, he unveiled a weapon that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Martian war machines from The War of The Worlds. »10/13/14 12:20pm10/13/14 12:20pm