Asimov's 2014 Predictions Were Shockingly Conservative For 1964

In 1964, sci-fi legend Isaac Asimov penned a piece for the New York Times with his predictions for the world of 2014. Looking at the World's Fair of 50 years hence, Asimov imagined 3D TV, underground cities, and colonies on the moon. Many people online have hailed this as an incredible example of prescient thinking,… » 8/29/13 4:32pm 8/29/13 4:32pm

All's Fair at the Fair (1938)

In this 1938 short animation by the Fleischer Brothers, the world of the future is imagined as a wondrous place filled with automated cityscapes and robotic barbers.

The 1938/39 New York World's Fair captured the imagination of an era. A great deal has been written about "The World of Tomorrow" and its cultural… » 9/04/10 11:00am 9/04/10 11:00am