What are the absolutely essential episodes of Farscape?

The Jim Henson Company's early 2000s serial space opera Farscape ran with multiple subplots, and some were more satisfying than others. As a viewer, the key to getting the most out of Farscape is to focus on the conflict between human hero John Crichton and his nemesis Scorpius over the development of galactic… » 11/13/11 12:00pm 11/13/11 12:00pm

Windows to Other Worlds: A Gallery of Portals in Science Fiction and…

With Valve's breakout video games, Portal and Portal 2, attracting so much attention as of late, it's easy to forget that portals are something of a time-honored tradition in science fiction and fantasy. So, in the spirit of inclusiveness, we've reached outside the orange box to bring you this collection of concept… » 6/24/11 11:05am 6/24/11 11:05am

Lost Destroys Spacetime, Celebrates Science

Is Lost about to destroy the very nature of time, space and reality itself when it explains how Ben managed to get off the island recently? That's the theory from Popular Mechanics magazine after they looked into the real life science behind what they call "the first mainstream TV show since Mr. Wizard to make science… » 5/13/08 7:30am 5/13/08 7:30am