Is Christopher Nolan's Interstellar really about climate disaster?

Christopher Nolan is filming his hard science-fiction movie Interstellar, and we couldn't be more excited. Originally written by Jonathan Nolan for director Steven Spielberg, Interstellar is based on the theories of CalTech physicist Kip Thorne. But now we may know why humans need to go to another planet. » 8/31/13 11:00am 8/31/13 11:00am

What's standing between us and time travel?

In this week's "Ask a Physicist" we're going to give some design specs to the practical time traveler. » 11/03/10 9:00am 11/03/10 9:00am

I know some of you are going to get all excited because I haven't talked about Everett's "Many Worlds" version of quantum mechanics. That's true. Simply put, we're talking about GR time…