The Most Astonishing Cosplay From Emerald City Comicon... Part 2!

They sure know how to party in Seattle. Yesterday, we brought you a batch of incredible cosplay pics from Emerald City Comicon — but today's photos are way more stunning. Including some costumes we've never, ever seen done before. Check out best of ECCC's cosplay, day two! » 3/29/15 12:36pm Sunday 12:36pm

Popular New Baby Names Of 2013: Vanellope, Kaptain, Tuf, And Kyndle

The Social Security Administration just released its 2013 list of baby names in the United States. And once again, Game of Thrones rules. There were 1135 Aryas, 241 Khaleesis and 67 Daeneryses born in 2013. And 15 Theons and five Robbs. But some new names also came on the scene. » 5/15/14 3:55pm 5/15/14 3:55pm

12 Most Codependent Supervillains of All Time

Some villains strive for wealth and power. Some villains strive for glory. But a surprising number of villains are motivated solely by their tangled relationships with the hero. These are love-hate relationships, in which the villain just wants to impress the hero or spend quality time together. Here are the 12 most… » 2/26/14 10:03am 2/26/14 10:03am

What's the most justified betrayal in science fiction or fantasy?

Nobody likes a turncoat — but sometimes there's a really good reason. Sometimes you have to kidnap your best friend's baby, or give away your friends' plans to the enemy, because it's for the best. Who has the absolute best justification for betraying his or her friends? » 12/16/13 2:23pm 12/16/13 2:23pm

Frozen has a bit of that Wreck-It Ralph magic

Wreck-It Ralph was a revelation: a fairytale for the videogame age about the true meaning of villainy and heroism. Now Ralph's cowriter, Jennifer Lee, has written and co-directed a new film, Frozen, in which one of the all-time great fairytale villains gets a whole new outlook. » 11/27/13 9:00am 11/27/13 9:00am

Wreck-It Ralph's Vanellope gets a sugary superhero makeover

If Vanellope von Schweetz made the leap from Sugar Rush to a superhero video game, she'd look dandy in this candy-themed outfit, created by cosplayer Anti Ai-chan. » 8/04/13 8:30am 8/04/13 8:30am

The Video Game You Never Saw in Wreck-It Ralph!

Wreck-It Ralph showcased the worlds of Fix-It Felix Jr., Hero’s Duty, and the racing video game Sugar Rush. But there was another video game world you never got to see Extreme Easy Living 2! Which is basically one of those strange beach volleyball games where CG girls jump up and down, a lot. » 6/03/13 11:54am 6/03/13 11:54am

Epic: This is what a good children's film looks like

Movies for kids generally exist in a zone of lowered expectations. Recycled sitcom jokes and microwaved pop culture references dot a paint-by-numbers story about rehashed characters. So it's refreshing to see a film like Epic, which actually packs a real story, along with some gorgeous imagery. Minor spoilers ahead... » 5/24/13 9:07am 5/24/13 9:07am

Wreck-It Ralph Vanellope and kart cosplay looks good enough to eat

When deviantART user IkariyaManga and <s>her</s> his pal LauraC needed to make a Vanellope costume for a Wreck-It Ralph skit, they went all out, not just creating an incredible replica of Vanellope's Sugar Rush cart, but also making it wearable. » 3/11/13 4:30pm 3/11/13 4:30pm

Wacky Wreck-It Ralph mockumentary tracks the fall and rise of the …

To promote the release of Wreck-It Ralph on Blu-Ray and DVD, Disney released this oddball mockumentary parodying the Donkey Kong high score documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. Wreck-It Ralph director takes on the role of faux interviewer for Garlan Hulse: Where Potential Lives. The titular Garlan… » 3/09/13 7:30am 3/09/13 7:30am

DVDs This Week: Another chance to experience the awesomeness of …

A scifi classic finally comes to Blu-ray, the long-awaited Warhammer: Ultramarines CG movie slinks out to home video, and Regular Show fans get screwed in an unfortunately regular manner, all thanks to this week's DVD and Blu-ray releases. » 3/04/13 1:40pm 3/04/13 1:40pm

Take a closer look at the video game caricatures hanging on Wreck-It…

When Ralph heads into the bar-themed game Tapper's in Wreck-It Ralph, the animators wanted to replicate the look of the famous New York restaurant Sardi's, which has celebrity caricatures on the wall. But of course, the celebrities of Wreck-It Ralph are video game characters, giving the animators an excuse the cook up… » 2/16/13 4:00pm 2/16/13 4:00pm

Holy crap this live-action Wreck-It Ralph short is stunning

What would Wreck-It Ralph look like if it starred real people? A lot like Kial Natale's 60-second short. Seriously. this thing is unbelievable, and we would pay movie theater prices to see the whole movie recreated in live-action. Well done! » 2/13/13 8:50am 2/13/13 8:50am

Wreck-It Ralph was almost locked up in this video game prison

Disney has released a never-before-seen deleted clip from our beloved Wreck-It Ralph showing the Video Game Prison. Complete with a sweet-talking regular with slick promises of unattainable video games for Ralph to start over in, as well as beer, babes and bikinis (clearly a send-up to all the scantily clad beach… » 2/12/13 7:20am 2/12/13 7:20am

Wreck-It Ralph 2 probably coming — and it could feature a major video…

Wreck-It Ralph was surprisingly terrific, doing a lot of clever stuff with the "video game characters have a life away from the screen" trope. So it's great news that studio execs are reportedly talking about a sequel. And this time around, director Rich Moore wants to find a way to include Mario from Mario Bros.… » 12/07/12 3:32pm 12/07/12 3:32pm

The writer of Wreck-It-Ralph will co-direct Disney's Snow Queen movie …

We all can agree that Wreck-It-Ralph was delightful, so here's some even more good news. Jennifer Lee, the writer behind Wreck-It-Ralph has been tapped to direct the next Disney animated feature Frozen, centered around the fairy tale Snow Queen. Lee joins Chris Buck as co-director. » 11/29/12 2:35pm 11/29/12 2:35pm

Concept Art of the Original Monster Versions of Wreck-It Ralph

Now that Wreck-It Ralph has totally smashed the box office, it's fascinating to stop and realize how different the movie's video game villain could have looked. The other day, we posted an interview with star John C. Reilly, who explained that at various points, Ralph was going to be a caveman or a weird-looking alien… » 11/05/12 3:15pm 11/05/12 3:15pm

The Best Videogames You’ve Never Played

On this episode of the io9 show, Annalee and Esther discuss their favorite fictional videogames in movies and on TV. Plus, we make a drinkable rainbow - which is about as disgusting as it sounds. All that and more on this episode of We Come from the Future! » 11/02/12 12:51pm 11/02/12 12:51pm

Wreck-It Ralph is the best video game movie since Last Starfighter

The history of video game movies is a pretty inglorious one, with a higher proportion of awfulness than almost any other genre, except maybe Rapture movies. There's been Tron, there's been Last Starfighter, and maybe one or two others. But given how much great storytelling there is in games, it's weird that Hollywood… » 11/02/12 9:04am 11/02/12 9:04am

How Working on Futurama Prepares You to Make One of the Year's Best…

Wreck-It Ralph is a great animated film, with lots of heart and amazing comic timing. So it's not really much of a surprise when you find out that director Rich Moore worked as a director on several episodes of The Simpsons and Futurama. We sat down with Moore and he explained how those shows prepared him for Ralph. » 11/01/12 9:00am 11/01/12 9:00am