Are your favorite My Little Pony characters related?

We are in the post-month-and-a-half-of-holidays slump in North America, leaving a number of shows on hiatus, but we have a couple of new ones to bring you. Teen Titans Go! joins Space Dandy and My Little Pony from last week, plus we take a look Rock 'n' Wrestling, a cartoon that defies reason. » 1/11/14 7:00am 1/11/14 7:00am

The Air Force Chief of Staff gave a briefing in a Captain America mask

Is Air Force Chief of Staff Mark A. Welsh just a commander having a bit of fun at a briefing, or is he an actual super-soldier? Or is he moonlighting as a Mexican wrestler? Because he is definitely wearing a Captain America-styled luchadore mask. » 9/18/13 6:40am 9/18/13 6:40am

This is history's greatest photo of a bear beating up a man

For the obvious reasons of human safety and animal cruelty, bear wrestling hasn't been in vogue for several decades. But up until the 1980s, bear wrestling was the stuff of amateur wrestling matches and basketball halftime diversions. Here are some surreal tableaus of humans getting the crud smacked out of them by… » 7/02/12 2:45pm 7/02/12 2:45pm

Extinct people of the Land of Fire were mighty wrestlers

Were the Selk'nam the Sumos of South America? Bones of an extinct people of Tierra del Fuego, "the Land of Fire," suggest they may indeed have been the mighty wrestlers that Charles Darwin and others said they were. » 4/28/12 3:00pm 4/28/12 3:00pm

The 10 Lost Careers of RoboCop

Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop was mordant critique of Eighties corporate excess, what with its privatized police department and dystopian fake advertisements. But like some sort of cyborg ouroboros, RoboCop himself became a media personality and the pitchman for many a bizarre product. Here are ten times RoboCop has… » 2/22/12 11:10am 2/22/12 11:10am

You and I will never look as bad-ass as these Congolese…

American wrestling may have its share of flamboyant characters, but these portraits of Congolese grapplers by Belgian photographer Colin Delfosse are way more intense than any anti-smoking PSA the Ultimate Warrior could ever shriek his way through. » 2/21/12 12:10pm 2/21/12 12:10pm

Octopus Wrestling, A Sport That Amounted To Cephalopod Home Invasion

Dive into murky water, thrust your hand into a hole, and return to the surface with with an octopus. Octopus wrestling sounds like a horribly rude form of aquatic home invasion. But let's time travel back to the Pacific Northwest circa 1960, when this was a popular spectator sport. » 2/17/12 7:05am 2/17/12 7:05am

10 More Deranged Depictions of Santa Claus

We've seen plenty of proper screwball depictions of Kris Kringle previously, but history is ripe with examples of magical pensioners who trespass down strangers' flues. Here are 10 of the more egregious examples to throw on this Yuletide bonfire of weirdness. » 11/30/11 10:50am 11/30/11 10:50am

In Mongo Wrestling Alliance, Metalocalypse's Tommy Blacha brings us a…

Imagine a world in which professional wrestling dynasties carry the same weight as royal families. Such is the standard operating procedure of Metalocalypse co-creator Tommy Blacha's new Adult Swim cartoon Mongo Wrestling Alliance. » 6/26/11 1:15pm 6/26/11 1:15pm

The strange case of the lost luchador-versus-Dracula nudie flick

Lucha libre superstar-crimefighter-detective-Renaissance man Santo defeated scads of fearsome monsters over the course of his 54-film career. Despite these harrowing battles, Santo always kept his movies family-friendly. He knew that mummy-fighting luchadores weren't just entertainers — they were role models. » 4/19/11 3:00pm 4/19/11 3:00pm

The most awesomely ridiculous science fiction/fantasy-themed wrestling…

Remember when wrestling used to be filled with "Supermen"? Many of wrestling's craziest gimmicks have had a fantasy/scifi theme. From a Mortal Kombat rip-off to a man from the future, here are ten of wrestling's most way-out scifi characters. » 9/09/10 1:30pm 9/09/10 1:30pm

Santo, The Mexican Wrestler Who Fought Aliens, Nazis, And Vampires

Santo the luchador was one of the most prolific monster fighters in cinema history. In addition to solving crimes and wooing bikini-clad babes, Santo found the time to wrestle the Wolfman, Martians, mummies, and the Bermuda Triangle...over 54 movies. » 4/21/10 11:06am 4/21/10 11:06am


Syfy Picks Up Even More Wrestling, Moves Its Friday Night Programming…

The good news is: Syfy's no longer condemning its strongest programs to the Friday night death slot of death. The bad news is: the move comes because Syfy is picking up World Wrestling Entertainment's hit program Friday Night Smackdown. As The Hollywood Reporter puts it somewhat drily, "It's just the network's latest… » 4/14/10 9:30am 4/14/10 9:30am

Zombie Mermaids Are The New Cyborg Unicorns

The brilliant Japanese wrestling movie Oh! My Zombie Mermaid is finally coming to the West in July, raising all kinds of intriguing questions that aren't answered in the most bizarre way possible in the trailer. » 5/27/09 5:37pm 5/27/09 5:37pm

"You Order And I Obey" Is What Vampire Women Like to Say to Each Other

If there's one thing people just don't understand, it's the kinds of special bonds that form between vampire women. Luckily, one movie truly gets it, and gives us a truthful (and sparkly) vampire female-bonding flick. » 5/15/09 5:59pm 5/15/09 5:59pm

Must See: They Live

Must-see movies are futuristic classics that shouldn't be missed. Of course, not every must-see is perfect. That's why we've rated them 1-5 on the patented "crunchy goodness" scale. Written by Sherilyn Connelly.

Title: John Carpenter's They Live
Date: 1988

Vitals: A hunky drifter discovers that via special… » 10/02/07 2:19pm 10/02/07 2:19pm