Battlestar Comes Back From The Picket Lines

Now that the strike is almost certainly over, Battlestar Galactica could be back in production as soon as March, according to a handy checklist posted by TV Guide's Michael Ausiello. Lost may be able to shoot as many as six extra episodes this season, and Smallville could have five more. But (brace yourself) Chuck » 2/12/08 7:20am 2/12/08 7:20am

Eliza Dushku Will Channel Summer Glau For Joss

Eliza Dushku may spend a lot of time channeling Summer Glau in Joss Whedon's new show, Dollhouse. Joss tells SFX magazine that Eliza will be "playing a whole host of different personalities, including a total, childlike naif." In other words, expect to see her doing an impression of River from Firefly. Joss corrected… » 12/27/07 8:30am 12/27/07 8:30am

Kansas Towns Slaughter Each Other In Nuclear Fallout This Spring

The apocalypse came to a small town, and nobody noticed. But that could change this spring. CBS' nuclear apocalypse drama Jericho barely escaped out-and-out cancellation thanks to a mail-in campaign involving bags of nuts. And this spring, it may be the only game in town, thanks to the writers' strike.

Jericho season… » 11/13/07 7:39pm 11/13/07 7:39pm