New trailer for the "telekinetic lost dog" movie Wrong is so weird, it's right

"I only realized I loved my face, after it had been burned with acid." Wait, what? In this trailer, Wrong appears to be a simple movie about a lost dog — but once Rubber director Quentin Dupieux is through, we imagine you'll lie huddled in the corner rocking yourself to sleep with either laughter or sobs. The… »1/09/13 3:45pm1/09/13 3:45pm

The Most Disturbing Movie Poster You'll See in 2013

Yes, 2013 has only just started — but we feel pretty confident that no other poster this year is going to be as weird and alarming as this poster for Quentin Dupieux's Wrong, which io9 is bringing to you exclusively. Dupieux, of course, is the guy who brought us the "killer psychic tire" movie Rubber, which people… »1/07/13 11:24am1/07/13 11:24am