How Long Before The Dystopian Fad Wears Off?

The bleaker our reality gets, the more we'll need bright, sunny escapism in our entertainment. But even though things are already looking pretty darn hard-scrabble, and we're still looking at another few years of eco-disasters, zombie holocausts and blighted landscapes in pop culture. Just how long will we be seeing… » 10/27/08 6:03pm 10/27/08 6:03pm

In Wynter Dark, New Yorkers Resort To Polar Bear Weaponry

Post-apocalyptic ice age flick Wynter Dark » 10/07/08 12:20pm 10/07/08 12:20pm, about how destroys the climate, stole my heart when I discovered it would contain wars involving polar bears — and not the wussy kind. In newly-released concept art (above) you can see how the tech-challenged future world has had to resort to carrier pigeons for…

In The Post Apocalyptic Frozen Future, We Will Never Surrender To Polar-Bear Fury

If this is what our snowed over future holds, then you can count me in. New concept art for big budget movie Wynter Dark » 9/26/08 7:30am 9/26/08 7:30am is out, and it's more than I could have dreamed. From what I can tell, there is some sort of bear war against the humans, and to think I was happy with a snowy New York having a futuristic cold war…

The Kingdom Of New York Will Never Bow To Its Ice-Age Foes, London And Neo Tokyo

The upcoming post-apocalyptic war movie Wynter Dark has released a few concept designs of New York city 800 years in the future, during our next ice age. Looks like Lady Liberty is still standing (as usual in post-apocalyptic movies), but everything else is frozen and desolate. It also appears that the citizens of NYC… » 7/14/08 8:40am 7/14/08 8:40am