In The Post Apocalyptic Frozen Future, We Will Never Surrender To Polar-Bear Fury

If this is what our snowed over future holds, then you can count me in. New concept art for big budget movie Wynter Dark »9/26/08 10:30am9/26/08 10:30am is out, and it's more than I could have dreamed. From what I can tell, there is some sort of bear war against the humans, and to think I was happy with a snowy New York having a futuristic cold war…

The Kingdom Of New York Will Never Bow To Its Ice-Age Foes, London And Neo Tokyo

The upcoming post-apocalyptic war movie Wynter Dark has released a few concept designs of New York city 800 years in the future, during our next ice age. Looks like Lady Liberty is still standing (as usual in post-apocalyptic movies), but everything else is frozen and desolate. It also appears that the citizens of NYC… »7/14/08 11:40am7/14/08 11:40am