We Finally Know a Little More About What Happened To Cyclops In Marvel's New Universe

The X-Men are having a rough time in Marvel’s “All-New, All-Different” universe. Usually, that’d just be like another Tuesday for them, but this time there are a lot of questions up in the air: Why is Terrigen Mist killing them? What the hell did Cyclops do to make mutants hated again? Well, we might just have some… »Thursday 10:30am11/19/15 10:30am


Uncanny X-Men Ends With a Bang—and Finally Deals With Iceman's Sexuality

When All-New X-Men #40 released, a major topic of discussion was the fact that a younger, time-displaced Bobby Drake, a.k.a. Iceman, came out as gay. But ever since, fans have wondered if this meant the present-day Bobby was simply in the closet, or maybe not gay at all. Seven months later, we finally have the answer. »11/04/15 11:40am11/04/15 11:40am

11 of the Most Constipated-Looking Action Figures Ever Released

As action figures have become more detailed, toy fans have been treated to some amazing-looking figures over the years. But not that long ago, when sculpting techniques were less advanced, toy likenesses could range from the mediocre to the terrifying. Here are 11 figures who look less like they’re ready for action… »11/02/15 3:18pm11/02/15 3:18pm

This Jem/X-Men Crossover Cosplay Is Both Uncanny and Truly Outrageous

You know what’s better than the live-action Jem movie? Well, just about anything. But also this fantastic cosplay from Skirts and Swords (the team behind the equally excellent Sailor Moon Biker Gang cosplay), where the ladies of the X-Men have merged with the stars of Jem to form a singularly outrageous band. »10/30/15 11:00am10/30/15 11:00am

The New Extraordinary X-Men Comic Will Revive One Of The X-Men's Biggest Fallen Heroes

Extraordinary X-Men, the new banner X-Men series in Marvel’s “All-New, All-Different” reboot, sees the X-Men facing some cataclysmic threats to mutant kind—and a potential new enemy in the Inhumans. But they’ll be getting some help: from a long dead X-Men... and maybe not the one you’re expecting. »10/29/15 4:20pm10/29/15 4:20pm

Another Long-Absent Game Of Thrones Actor Has Been Spotted on Set!

Rachel McAdams may be playing a version of Night Nurse in Doctor Strange—but not the one you expected. Rosario Dawson joins Lego Batman. Will the new X-Men show Legion tie into the films? Plus, sneak peeks at tonight’s Gotham and Blindspot, and set pictures from Kong: Skull Island. Behold, Spoilers! »10/19/15 9:00am10/19/15 9:00am

That "Marvel Taking Back Fantastic Four" Rumor Is False [UPDATED]

You’re going to need a giant salt lick for this one, but it’s not totally out of line with Marvel’s history: there’s a rumor that Fox exchanged the movie rights to Fantastic Four for the two X-Men series that were announced yesterday. Update: We’re hearing from multiple credible sources that this is not true. »10/15/15 12:11pm10/15/15 12:11pm

We May Finally Know When The Hulk Will Show Up On The Big Screen Next!

Bryan Cranston allegedly wants to play a certain X-Men villain. Arrow’s latest villain will also appear in Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash. We almost had more of the X-Files revival than six episodes. Plus, new clips from iZombie and Agents of SHIELD, and David Duchovny talks Twin Peaks. Spoilers get! »10/13/15 9:00am10/13/15 9:00am

We're Finally Getting a Classic Rogue Action Figure, and She Looks Fantastic

Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Infinite line has given us some amazing superhero toys over the years—but a modern take on Rogue’s classic Jim Lee design has eluded the series for 12 years, and there hasn’t been a new Rogue full stop since 2006. That’s about to change however, in the best possible way. »10/08/15 11:00am10/08/15 11:00am

Everything You Need To Know About Marvel's "All-New, All-Different" Comic Universe

Next month, Marvel is introducing a whole new line up of comics—and a whole new universe to go with them. Don’t know your Earth-616 from your Earth-65? What the hell is with this Secret Wars thing? Will your favorite hero still have a comic? Will they even be the same person? Here’s everything you need to know going… »9/14/15 11:00am9/14/15 11:00am

Turns Out The Fantastic Four And X-Men Movies Are In Different Universes

Remember how Bryan Singer started teasing the potential of a “Fox Cinematic Universe,” where the new Fantastic Four and the cavalcade of X-Men movies crossed over? Well, apparently someone at Fox desperately shook him and told him to shut up, because now the movies aren’t even in the same universe as each other. »8/06/15 6:00pm8/06/15 6:00pm