Introducing HeroX -- A Way To Crowdfund Your Very Own X-Prize

Imagine being able to come up with your own insanely futuristic idea — and then having teams race to achieve your goal. The recently launched HeroX platform could make this happen. » 5/29/14 2:00pm 5/29/14 2:00pm

Will An Artificial Intelligence Ever Deliver A TED Talk?

Move over Turing Test, it's time to make room for the A.I. XPRIZE. The recently announced competition will award a team who can create a machine intelligence that can deliver a TED Talk so outstanding that it would receive a standing ovation. » 3/21/14 6:00pm 3/21/14 6:00pm

Meet the Teams Who Are Building the World's First Medical Tricorder

Wouldn't it be amazing if we all had a personal medical scanning device like Star Trek's tricorder? Now the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE is hoping to make it happen. We spoke to some contestants to learn how they're planning to win part of the $10 million in prize money. » 3/13/14 11:00am 3/13/14 11:00am

How Should We Fund Space Exploration?

Even though NASA's budget actually increased in 2008, the government space agency faces an uncertain future as it transitions from the Space Shuttle to the Constellation Project, and it's been plagued for years by claims of inefficiency and lack of creativity. Is it time to look at a new way to pay for the exploration… » 4/03/08 11:30am 4/03/08 11:30am