Did the X-ray specs from vintage comic book ads really work? Goodness, no

For his upcoming book Mail-Order Mysteries, author Kirk Demarais assessed dozens of craptacular items you could purchase from the sensationalist comic book ads of yore. Here's his video investigation — the ventriloquist dummy is particularly creepy. It's more disappointing than that soothsaying robotic brain. »10/01/11 11:30am10/01/11 11:30am


X-Ray Hackers Show Tinest Crystalline Structure Ever Seen

What does this one-micron sized object look like to you? Despite what Freud would say, that boldly thrusting little guy is a microcrystal, once classified as a powder too tiny to be imaged using X-rays. But a bunch of European X-ray fiends have rigged up a special X-ray diffractor at the European Synchrotron Radiation… »10/04/07 11:42am10/04/07 11:42am