It's hard to believe, but this movie will make you love vampires again

A lot of us are suffering from vampire fatigue, with good reason. But Xan Cassavetes' cult film Kiss of the Damned will re-awaken your love for these enigmatic creatures who struggle to understand humans — and to stop eating them. » 5/03/13 5:58pm 5/03/13 5:58pm

Could Kiss of the Damned save vampires from Hollywood overexposure?

Admit it, the vampire genre is broken. True Blood swapped sex and blood for vampire politics, Twilight softened our monsters into moody fathers, and the rest is just annoying vampire comedy. Seems like the only sex monsters with fangs lately are on Vampire Diaries. But perhaps Xan Cassavetes' new vampire movie Kiss of … » 3/22/13 11:41am 3/22/13 11:41am