Read a very punny excerpt from Piers Anthony's new Xanth novel, Luck of the Draw

If you're like a lot of fantasy and SF lovers, you grew up reading Piers Anthony's goofy, punny Xanth series, about a bunch of hapless citizens of a magical world called Xanth. (People from our world are known as Mundanes.) Every person from Xanth is born with a special magical power, which might be super-powerful,… »1/10/13 7:11pm1/10/13 7:11pm


In 1987, a young fantasy fan ran away from home to live with author Piers Anthony

Many of us feel like we know our favorite authors through their novels and from the various details of their lives they choose to share. In 1987, a 15-year-old boy named Andy felt that he knew science fiction and fantasy author Piers Anthony so well that he wanted to live with him. So, he packed up his bag, hopped a… »8/05/12 12:30pm8/05/12 12:30pm