Watch How Animals React To A Mirror That Suddenly Appears In The Jungle

Of all the animals that exist on this planet, only a precious few have the capacity to recognize themselves in a mirror. These fascinating — and at times hilarious — videos taken by photographer Xavier Hubert-Brierre reveal the reactions of various animals as they gaze upon their reflections for the very first time. »6/05/15 2:20pm6/05/15 2:20pm


Two leopards encounter a mirror for the first time and inspect it as adorably as possible

Xavier Hubert-Brierre and Michel Guiss Djomou set up a mirror and a hidden camera near Nyonié in Gabon, filming the local fauna's reactions to seeing their reflections. These two leopard approach the mirror with kitty curiosity, testing out its properties in unwittingly adorable fashion. »2/10/13 8:00pm2/10/13 8:00pm