The Most Ridiculous Mystical Pregnancies in Fiction

The magic pregnancy is a staple science fiction and fantasy fiction. Whether it's the impending birth of a savior, the coming of some form of Antichrist, or some kind of experiment, speculative fiction has been the home of a lot of ridiculous stories of pregnancy and birth. Here are the most absurd ones. » 10/13/13 10:00am 10/13/13 10:00am

The episode of Xena: Warrior Princess that set women, TV and comedy…

Xena: Warrior Princess isn’t just a cult TV success, but a feminist icon. The tough warrior fought for the good of the realm in the show, but the show itself helped pave the way for a new generation of female action stars and entertainment. Which makes the show’s decision to chuck Xena to put Gabrielle in a horrible,… » 4/11/13 9:45am 4/11/13 9:45am

Here’s your chance to finally figure out who framed Roger Rabbit

This week’s DVD and Blu-ray releases has something for everyone! Tiny magicians! Busty cartoon ladies! Nautical tigers! A blob! If you can’t find something you like in these listings, then… well, you’re probably just waiting until The Hobbit comes out next week. » 3/11/13 1:40pm 3/11/13 1:40pm

Xena's Renee O'Connor is trapped aboard a mysterious spacecraft, in…

The long-awaited webseries Ark, starring Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle from Xena) is finally online, and we talked to O'Connor about the secret conspiracy behind the mysterious ark in space. And O'Connor also told us about her scifi version of Moby Dick. » 7/29/10 4:30pm 7/29/10 4:30pm

What To Buy When Jenna's Let You Down

Sure, there may be other comics coming out, but on a week where Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter #1 ships to comic book stores across this proud nation, is there any point talking about any of them? ...Oh, wait. Shadow Hunter is actually a generically dull story about a woman dealing with demon heritage that we've all… » 2/19/08 9:00am 2/19/08 9:00am