How The TV Show of Octavia Butler's Dawn Will Stay True to Her Incredible Vision

Making Octavia Butler’s novel Dawn into a television show sounds like kind of a foolhardy idea. It’s a post-apocalyptic storyline, in which the Earth is basically on the brink of destruction, and the last humans are offered salvation by aliens... who want to mate with us and change us. How do you put that on TV? »9/04/15 7:00pm9/04/15 7:00pm


This is the greatest closing paragraph to a scientific paper ever

This honor goes to Dr. Ronald Breslow of Columbia University, who ended his recent paper "Evidence for the Likely Origin of Homochirality in Amino Acids, Sugars, and Nucleosides on Prebiotic Earth" in the Journal of the American Chemical Society with an ominous editorial. After an otherwise technical paper about the… »4/11/12 11:55am4/11/12 11:55am