These Xenomorph Life Cycle Fridge Magnets Are Kind Of Amazing

This is the kind of thing you'll either understand completely or not at all, but the moment I discovered hand-crafted xenomorph life cycle fridge magnets were a thing, I knew. You know what I need pretty desperately?, I thought to myself. FRIDGE MAGNETS. » 11/08/14 12:55pm 11/08/14 12:55pm

This Is All The Xenomorphs Ever Wanted

It turns out that a romp through the wildflowers with a furry friend is enough to placate even the most ornery alien. An unexpected image from the mind of creature creator Dave Melvin. » 7/07/14 7:00pm 7/07/14 7:00pm

Behold The First Life-Sized Aliens Xenomorph Queen Ever Built

Some of the early versions of the creatures from the Alien franchise are nearly as frightening as the final version. This isn't one of them. The proof-of-concept Aliens xenomorph queen was a very rough version of the creature, consisting of black garbage bags over foam. » 6/12/14 10:30am 6/12/14 10:30am

Perusing the Meat Counter at the Intergalactic Night Market

"The trick to preparing Xenomorph at this life stage," the butcher said as he sawed off another leg, "is to cut out the ovipositor. Otherwise, your dinner's just going to be hungry again in an hour." » 2/18/14 5:00pm 2/18/14 5:00pm

Watch Aliens retold in 60 seconds of animated silliness

The latest 60-second Speedrun through a science fiction movie takes us through the action-packed mayhem of Aliens, from Jonesy to Ripley's power loader. Those Xenomorphs are still vicious in this format, so watch out. » 5/19/13 9:00am 5/19/13 9:00am

Balloon sculpture is the least deadly stage in the Xenomorph lifecycle

Michael Abrahamson creates whimsical balloon sculptures of pop culture characters. This Xenomorph might look deadly, but outlast it for a few days, and it will simply deflate. » 5/18/13 5:00pm 5/18/13 5:00pm

French chapel traded its gargoyles for Gizmo, Gremlins, Grendizer, and…

When the sculpture and stone mason Jean-Louis Boistel set to renovating the Chapelle de Bethléem (Bethlehem Chapel) in Nantes, France, he decided to add some unorthodox decorations to the 15th century church. While some of the newer stone gargoyles (or, to be more accurate, chimeras) adorning the pinnacles are… » 1/26/13 2:00pm 1/26/13 2:00pm

Aliens, Hellboy, and Indiana Jones all reenact René Magritte's The Son…

Flickr user ben6835 covers surrealist René Magritte's self portrait, "The Son of Man," with a pop culture twist. Instead of the artist and the apple, this series features movie and comic book characters, each with its own individual totem obscuring his or her face. » 1/26/13 9:30am 1/26/13 9:30am

At this tattoo parlor, Alien and Predator are actually pretty good pals

When they're not on the clock, Alien and Predator get long just fine. When Pedro T. Predator decided to get a new piercing, Abi T Xeno was there to hold his hand. And when it was Abi's turn in the chair, Pedro returned the favor. » 12/30/12 8:30am 12/30/12 8:30am

Ripley and her Alien Chestburster are beatified as Madonna and Child

Over the course of four movies, Ripley goes from Alien survivor to Alien mother. This painting by Jska Priebe casts the action heroine as a saintly Madonna, cradling her Xenomorph baby. » 7/22/12 8:00am 7/22/12 8:00am

Dress like an Alien Queen in this Facehugger corset

If you need to add a little bit of H.R. Giger to your wardrobe, or just want tout your Xenomorphic egg-laying prowess, this vinyl corset adorned with a breast-framing Facehugger might be for you. » 7/21/12 9:00am 7/21/12 9:00am

Prometheus concept art puts us face-to-sucker with the movie's creatures

Prometheus introduced us to a new set of monstrous creatures, each with its own physiology but visually linked to HR Giger's original Alien designs. Concept artist Ivan Manzella has released several of his concept designs for the beings we meet on LV-223. Major spoilers! » 6/17/12 2:15pm 6/17/12 2:15pm

Medapod Creature Trilobite Worms

The anatomical guide to a xenomorph, on a t-shirt

Holy crap, is this rad. Behold a gorgeous, wearable rendition of a xenomorph's insides, created by Brad McGinty, the mind behind those insane Kaiju Santa Christmas Cards. We're loving this artist's obsession with cross section. Shirts are $20 at McGinty's website. » 5/08/12 9:55am 5/08/12 9:55am

Horrify your friends by racing down the street on this Alien Xenomorph…

Artist Roon­gro­jna Sang­wong­pris­arn made this incredible Alien motorcycle out of spare parts and scrap in a Bangkok garage. And it actually goes! People would lose their shit if you burst onto the street on the back of this bad boy. » 7/28/11 12:20pm 7/28/11 12:20pm

Is this concept art of the Space Jockey from the Alien prequel?

Ridley Scott's prequel to Alien is rumored to feature the enigmatic Space Jockey, and concept illustrations of said elephantine creature have appeared online. It's unconfirmed if this is official art, but these doodles are nonetheless intriguing. » 11/25/10 8:30am 11/25/10 8:30am

Eat roasted chestburster at your next scifi cookout

Tired of the same old July 4th barbecue? Consider hosting a science fiction dinner party instead, where you can treat your guests to such cosmic delicacies as Soylent Green, Bachelor Chow, Spice beer, and piping hot xenomorph. » 7/03/10 8:20am 7/03/10 8:20am