In this week's comics, Venom recruits the new Fantastic Four! Also,…

Tomorrow brings a ton of new releases to your local comic book store. Witness new stories from the early years of the Jedi order, Bucky Barnes striking out on his own, environmental apocalypse from the writer of DMZ, and scads of other groovy funnymags. » 1/31/12 9:00am 1/31/12 9:00am

In Wednesday's comics, Batman goes VR and kung fu fighters go nuts

A big heaping dollop of high concept crazy is waiting for you at your neighborhood comic emporium. There are supernatural martial arts masters, a new issue of Kick-Ass 2, and a certifiable deluge of four-color crazy. Let's examine the goods. » 8/23/11 9:00am 8/23/11 9:00am

In DC Comics' Xombi, a nanotech-infused immortal fights the wrath of…

We've been totally digging John Rozum and Frazer Irving's relaunch of DC's supernatural comic series Xombi, what with its crime-fighting nuns and exceedingly strange villains. Check out this exclusive five-page preview of the next issue. » 5/24/11 7:30am 5/24/11 7:30am

The Return of Xombi, the 1990s Comic That Made Alan Moore Freak Out

Xombi was one of the coolest comic books of the 1990s, and it wasn't hard to see why each cover sported an adoring blurb by Alan Moore. And now this weird horror/superhero title is coming back on Wednesday. » 3/14/11 12:05pm 3/14/11 12:05pm

We've seen the future and it's coming to crush us: Pre-apocalyptic…

Why are pre-apocalyptic stories so popular? We get why everyone loves post-apocalyptic worlds: Everybody wants to fantasize about surviving, rebuilding, remaking the world in a new image. But why do people love stories that take place before a horrible disaster? » 11/24/10 4:17pm 11/24/10 4:17pm

One of the best comic books of the 1990s is coming back at last

The mid-1990s was the heyday of Vertigo Comics, DC's trippy, grown-up imprint. But one of the best Vertigo-esque comics appeared instead, almost unnoticed, on DC's Milestone Imprint. And after 14 years, the unsettling supernatural nanotechnology tale XOMBI is coming back. » 10/15/10 7:30am 10/15/10 7:30am