How we first discovered the difference between XX and XY

Throughout history people puzzled over what exactly determined a whether a baby would be a boy or a girl. Theories tended to range from the woman's diet, to the ambient temperature of the room. Until one woman, studying mealworms, finally determined what was the difference between little girls and little boys. »11/18/12 11:00am11/18/12 11:00am


TV This Week: Watch Summer Glau Do The Cat Dance!

These days, the networks are bending over backwards to promote their shows online — and not just with crappy Flash games and viral-marketing mysteries. We have new promo clips for this week's episodes of Lost, Sarah Connor, Kyle XY and Jericho. You can get a pretty good flavor of which shows will be exciting (Jericho)… »2/25/08 12:00pm2/25/08 12:00pm