Time Engines On Full! A Time-Traveling Submarine From The Year 2100

We've all seen a submarine that can travel through space, but what about a submarine time machine? The people of the Year 2100 build a time-sub in the awesome B-movie Nautilus, bringing a whole new meaning to the term "timestreams." » 6/08/09 7:25pm 6/08/09 7:25pm

New "Star Blazers" Trailer Long On Sense Of Wonder, Short On Action

Star Blazers (or Yamato in Japanese) was the gold standard for space opera: crazy fights, ridiculous-but-scary villains, and superweapons like the Wave Motion Gun. So this trailer for a new Yamato movie got me excited... until I watched it. [Fanboy.com] » 6/08/09 11:25am 6/08/09 11:25am

Forget Warp Speed, Try One Of These Alternative FTL Ideas

In Star Wars and Star Trek, the main way to get around the galaxy is to use warp speed or flip on your hyperdrive, which is a bit like hitting the gas pedal as hard as you can so you'll get there a bit quicker. There's more science to it than that, involving subspace fields and hyperspace and all that jazz, but the… » 4/22/08 3:40pm 4/22/08 3:40pm

Put Futurist Syd Mead On The Hot Seat

Syd Mead has had a hand in designing everything from Ford automobiles, to V'Ger in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, to the Sulaco ship design in Aliens, and even the look and feel of the cities in Blade Runner and Tron. He's definitely a giant in the field of future design, and if you could ask him any question, what… » 11/13/07 2:10pm 11/13/07 2:10pm